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Alternative Foods

I have never had a really good relationship with food, and I have often stated that if someone comes up with a food pill I will gladly give up all food, even chocolate, to not have the hassle of food. I contribute a lot of these problems with food to the fact that I have Aspergers.


Sometimes I wanna eat only vegetables and sometimes all I want is cookies and chips, sometimes I eat to much, and sometimes I don’t eat enough. If left to my own devices I tend to slowly drift upwards in weight and then I have to go through a period of sharpening up to loose the weight again. I am always floating upwards, or fighting downwards, how come the downward periods always seem so much longer? (rhetorical question) And how do I know that I get all the nutrients I need, especially as a vegan, no I am not worried about protein.


Well anyway, now there are alternative foods on the market. Not a “solve everything pill” but food in powder form that you make a shake out of and drink during the day. This way you are supposed to get every vitamin, protein, mineral and whatever else your body needs, without having to think about it, and you can also control you calorie intake to what suits you best.

Alternative foodsI am extremely intrigued by this idea, I might not want to switch to fluid meals all day, every day, but maybe ill just have a regular dinner, or when there just isn’t time or energy to make something nutritious, a time when I would have made an unhealthy pot of noodles or something like that.  Maybe its hard to find a healthy meal when traveling, specially a vegan one. Thats a time when a fluid meal that contains all you need would come in very handy.

I have contacted a few companies that provides vegan produkts like this in Europe, and I will start making review posts about them. I am also planning to have a comparison post at the end to see what I thought, what they tasted like, what the cost were and whatever else I discover.

I hope some of you are as intrigued by this as I am. 🙂

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