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Sweden meets Terror with Love

Should I write about this horrible thing that happened in Stockholm this Friday?
A city I lived in for eight years and know very well. I have walked that street many times, I have been just inside that shop-window that the truck crashed into. One of my favourite cafés is on Drotninggatan where the truck drove.drottninggatan-jpg

I read today that one of the casualties was 11 years old. She walked that street every day from school to the subway.
The authorities were extremely meticulous when identifying the dead and injured so her parents didn’t know if she was just missing or if it was worse, until Sunday.

The Swedish people met terror with love.polis-nalle-jpg

I am immensely proud of my fellow swedes! Since the subway and busses stopped running and the city was closed, lots of people had to walk home. The hashtag #openstockholm was created where people invited the affected to their homes if they were stranded or felt unsafe, and others helped drive people home.

The Royal Family and the Prime Minister showed their respect with flowers at the site.

This Saturday people were leaving flowers for the people involved, and also to the police to honour their work.
Police Car With flowers

And today, Sunday, there was a huge manifestation of love, where thousands of people came to support each other and feel united.DRkkdMg7RyL1f7AAkP_TcePRXVM

I wonder if I am one of those people who freezes in the face of danger or takes action. I will never know until it happens, hopefully I will never know.

Swedes Meet Terror With LoveHaving Aspergers is hard in a situation like this. I have trouble shielding myself from these sad horrible feelings, and it is leaving me exhausted. I can’t watch a news show about it, feel sad and then move on. It sits with me and fester. Its doing no one any good.
But in the shadow of this terrible event I feel only love towards my fellow human beings, and grief for those affected.


I guess I had to write about it.

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Christmas Movies

We Swedes seems to have a thing about traditional repeating of tv shows. For example we have now seen the same Disney compilation, Kalle Ankas Jul (Donald Duck’s Christmas in Swedish), between 3 and 4 PM every Christmas eve since 1960, seriously!, reclipped every year to have the latest Disney movie trailer at the end. No one really watches it any more, but its a nice time table setter, “we will leave for grandma and grandpas after Kalle Anka ” or “we will start opening presents after Kalle Anka” all according to your family traditions.

11372999So my favourite Christmas movie, is obviously one of those shown every year, this one between Christmas and New Years Eve: Ivanhoe. (the 1982 version)
The thing is I have always seen the story a little different, I focus on the drama between Rebecca of York and Brian de Bois-Gilbert. And I have made a “small” series of clips of how I see it. Spoiler Allert! It might be good to actually have seen the movie/red the book to really understand.

The story of Rebecca and Brian.
By Frida Åberg.
I added some lines, and sorry for the spelling, no spellcheck.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


b780dac184527eec78bcfeae0d468d25If you want a more traditional Christmas movie I recommend “The Bishop’s wife”, with Christmas spirit, love, Cary Grant and everything.

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