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6 Easy Tips to Becoming Vegan

Are you thinking about becoming a vegetarian or a vegan? Are you wondering what that would entail and if you could do it, or want to do it? Here are 6 of my best tips for making it easier to become vegan.

TV1.  Start by watching these documentaries, or one of them, to understand what impact the meat and dairy industry has on the environment, our bodies and how the animals are treated.

And “The best speech you will ever hear” by Gary Yourofsky.
I have linked the titles to their corresponding trailer on YouTube. You can find some of them on Netflix, or free on YouTube.

How do you feel about veganism now?

plantmilksUPp2. Ok, milk. I did a test when I began being vegan.
I love lattes, that’s how I drink my coffee, and I love it, and need at least one a day. So if I was not able to find a milk substitute that I liked, then I was sort of screwed.
I changed to one of the favourite plant milks I had tried, Oatly’s oat milk especially for coffee, called ikaffe = incoffee, for one whole week. Then I made myself a cow milk latte and an oat milk latte and tried both.
The result was that they both tasted funny, the oat one tasted, not surprisingly slightly of oat, and the cow milk one had a weird metallic meaty taste.
I had no problem switching to plant milk after that.
It’s worth a try, right.

 My third tip is, skip the meat/dairy substitutes to begin with. They won’t taste like “hotdog” or “parmesan”, not while the real taste is fresh in you mind. Go for the vegetables, grains and fruits.
Then after a while, you can try the substitutes and see if you like them for their own taste and not what they are trying to taste like.

Holy-Nut-vegan-treats-450x5504. Your favourite treats. Try to find a vegan alternative to your favourite treats.
There are lots of great vegan chocolate out there.
Cookies, Oreos are vegan in some countries.
Vegan ice cream is usually just as good as other prepackaged ice cream.
Chips often have milk powder on them, but if you go for a “rustic” kind they are usually good, and Pringles have a “vegan” sign on their vegan chips. Yay Pringles!
Nuts and seeds are tasty and so are fruit, but never, ever let anyone tell you that fruit is candy! It’s not, its fruit! But try nice cream, its fruit and yummy!
If you can’t find anything good in you local grocery store, try searching on the internet. I have heard that iHearb is good, but I have never ordered from there myself.

Becoming Vegan

5. Find a community of fellow vegans, whether it’s on Facebook,  Instagram or any other place you feel comfortable, dare I say it, maybe not even a virtual one! A place to swap recipes and get motivated. Maybe someone has found the most gorgeous vegan ice-cream in you area, you would want to know about that right! And the same for knowing about that totally disgusting power bar popping up in the shops.

apples6. Ha, you thought I would stop at five! No, I have Aspergers I don’t like fives. 😀
Important tip number six is; be prepared, have a nut bar or a pice of fruit with you, because you might just find yourself hungry and in a place without vegan options.
Not to say It has to be hard eating out. You can use you vegan community to help you find great eating spots almost everywhere.

Oh, quick tips:

  • you are going to eat a lot of bananas
  • no, you are not going to die from protein deficiency
  • b12 is a good idea
  • learn to read on the back of Everything
  • Why not do some vegan cross stitch, download for free herekrosstitsh

I sincerely hope this helps you who want to go vegan and make the rest of you think about it. 🙂
Love to everyone, even the animals!

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