Okja, with a bow.


I thought I would write about this movie while it is fresh, while the credits are still running, the music is still in my headphones and I am still crying. Okja.
Edit: (The bit after the credits made me smile a bit again though.)


I think, I really do, that this is one of the best movies I have ever watched, cinematically, definitely, and most importantly emotionally.
Its funny, I laughed out loud, rewound and laughed again, the animations are incredibly well made, the terrorist are hilarious (oh the umbrellas), Okja is extremely believable, Mija is a strong independent, non traditional, fantastic, hero and role model, the villans  and sell outs are recognisable with their usual motive, money, and its sad, so so sad.
Because its true, sort of, just made into a format that is easier to digest for most people.
Because this is vegan propaganda.
In fancy packeting.
With a bow.
And its brilliant.


The person who though this up, Joon-Ho Bong, is a genius. Making a whole new creature, that we have no prior conception of, a blank so to speak, a huge, friendly creature, a best friend, a totoro, someone who saves your life, in this case literally, in reality more likely figuratively. Same same.


And what happens, the thing that always happens, the thing that we keep ignoring, that we close our eyes to, that we pretend is ok, and “humane”.
It is not by the way.
I have spent the last half hour crying for this huge friendly blank, Okja, because of what she represents. I am vegan, and I will never eat meat or animal products again, that, I can promise.


I hope millions of people watch this movie because of the cute creature on the poster, the fantastic performances of the actors, “aww” in the beginning, laugh in the middle, and come out of the cinema crying, rethinking their way of life.


Oh, and…28-okja-3.nocrop.w710.h2147483647okja

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