With the power of a thousand suns

PictureHello people. Time for a little update. I have been absent a while and I thought I would explain why.

One of the reasons I have been absent is that I have an infection and have to take antibiotics…. I hate (with the power of a thousand suns) antibiotics! They make me permanently fatigued, I have almost fainted twice during this five day course, and terribly nauseous. So right now, my job is to take these antibiotics and everything else is a bonus.


So no 100 days project right now.
Doing the 100 days project was more taxing than I ever imagined, and there is no letting up, of course, that is the point, but it might be too much on me who already deal with a lot of strain daily.

Like posting every day, that is just not doable. My whole day consists of the 100 days project, doing the piece, taking pictures, editing pictures, making a blog, promoting the blog.
It’s so much more work than I imagine it looks like, or I would have thought. And of course I have made all that work for myself, I could have set up an easier way to do it. Some changes are needed.


So, solution, we (the royal we) are going back to the old posting schedule, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and one of these days can be the weeks recap of the 100 days project. And that means I can actually write about other things too.
Just writing this feels so nice, I really like writing.
Maybe I’ll even change the schedule to Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, since I write one day ahead… then I don’t have to have a piece finished on Sunday evening. That sounds nice, let’s go with that. 🙂

I still hope to catch up on the 100, and I definitely don’t want to give up. I will hopefully resume when I am feeling better. I really do hope so.

I want to finish this thing!

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