10 days to 100

100 days project


Only ten days to go!

That is ten days until the 100 Days Project begins. You do one creative thing each day, for 100 days, and anyone can join.
For me its jewellery. 100 simple and quick jewellery pieces finding inspiration at Artfinders Art of the day site, a new unpredictable inspiration every day, also known as…

“Nothing to brood over at night when I should be sleeping”

or an…

“Unpredictable Inspiration Delivery System”

Here is my page in the 100 Days Project, 100 empty squares… not daunting at all!

So what I am doing to prepare. Well first of all I am trying to get my Frankenbench, Frankie, together so I can actually unpack my jewellers things from their boxed confinement.

Second I should start collecting random material, since I only have a day to finish a piece I can’t wait for my husband to drive me somewhere to get the right material, I must have stuff ready and work with that.
Ok, make material box, check.box

Frankie the Frankenbench is coming along nicely. She might not get painted in time but she will definitely be up and running, or as a jewellery bench should, sturdily stand very still.

I started with this desk that I got at a second-hand shop, it was, not cheep, but cheaper since the veneer on the top was water damaged. I specifically wanted one with a thin middle drawer, it will be converted to a filings collector.eava6864

So then we went to the scary lumberyard and got some material to raise the desk about 20 cm to a good working height for jewellery. We, I say we all the time since my husband is helping me :), also needed to make it a bit sturdier and put on a back piece.IMG_0947

The existing top was hollow and not suitable at all, though I did carefully and enjoyable rip all the veneer off, ill put it in the material box. So we needed a sturdy preferably solid wood and thick table top.IMG_0944
Not easy, not easy to find and not easy to pay for. Luckily I got the brilliant idea to look on Blocket (Sweden’s version of Craigslist). I found this fantastic solid fir coffee table probably from the seventies, for a fraction of what a similar new table top would have cost.
I don’t think anyone else would have payed what I payed for the coffee table though, I just saw a huge chunk of solid fir!coffeetable

The assembly have started but I think I will go over that in detail another day.

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7 thoughts on “10 days to 100”

  1. I wish I could do this challenge too! I crocheted all my daughters baptism favors in 20 days and I am still making decorations for the same event. I am also designing my new jewelry for my etsy shop. I don’t think I can photo all that everyday though with the kid and all.

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