How to reluctantly mend a sun roof

sun roof

Ok, so this lovely sun pavilion from IKEA, that we have thoroughly enjoyed (I don’t like direct sun) is way more sturdy than its fabric roof. That nicely ripped last year. The pavilion makes like a little private room on the deck and we certainly do not want to be without that this year.

Little lonely piece hanging on through the winter.


Huge rip in the roof, if I would put this up it would only rip more, and IKEA has decided not to sell replacement roofs this year… How were you thinking there IKEA? I wish I had known that last year, I would have prepared one for this season. Apparently they are planing to bring them back next year.. may I suggest you add a darker color to the assortment, IKEA.IMG_0922

So, what to do, I have to throw my sewing skills at it to try to fix it. I have this sturdy outdoor fabric, fabric scissors and the plastic gun. I only want to use the white parts of course, so there will be lots of cutting and piecing together.  IMG_0912

I’m not aiming for pretty here, I’m aiming for “hold on fore one more summer”.IMG_0924This fantastic little gun shoots H shaped plastic pieces through the layers of fabric and holds everything in place, and is way less hassle than needles. I will sew first, and then cut away any excess fabric.

IMG_0925Closeup of te little plastic H:es

IMG_0928Lots and lots and lots of sewing later, here we are! I said I was not aiming for pretty. But I think it will hold.


And we have a sunroof again! Yay! But as a counter weight to all the effort I put in, we broke one of the outdoor sofas in the putting it up process. 😦 Now we need new outdoor furniture!IMG_0934

Look, it seems to be working. IMG_0936

Closeup of one of the smaller places. Think of the algae as part of the garden. IMG_0938

And our lovely view, from the SHADE on our deck. IMG_0939

Maybe this blog has taught you something, like; buy replacement roofs if the frame seems way sturdier.

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