How can a weighted blanket help you

how can a weighted blanket help youWhen I was discussing my sleep problems with my doctor and we were going over what medication I could take and what I was already taking, she mentioned that a weighted blanket might help. I thought that it was definitely worth a try, I had read about them and knew that they helped some people settle down and be calmer.
We booked an appointment with the department that was supposed to find out if I would be eligible for getting/loaning one. I had to make a two-week sleep diary, which wasn’t a problem since I always wear a step and sleep tracker, I just had to print out the last two weeks and we could quite obviously see that I was not sleeping very good.
So then I got to test some of the blankets. I tested two kinds, one that is full of plastic balls, like in a children’s ball pit, and its huge and really I could not stop giggling because It felt like it was childhood all over again. That one was not for me. But people who like to feel pressure on parts of their body to “know they are there” can benefit from a blanket like that.
The second one I tried was a chain weighted blanket. It’s like a duvet with channels lengthwise with chains in them. This one was definitely for me, I felt sleepy and calm after just a few minutes under it. So, we ordered one of those for me.
These blankets are extremely expensive, I have an 8 kg blanket that costs 8000 kronor, about 900 dollars, it’s on loan, but it’s not like they are ever going to demand to get it back.
I sleep under 8000 kr, it’s a bit ridiculous.

chainsSo, what benefits do I get from this chain weighted blanket. I know It sounds crazy sleeping under 8 kg of chains, but It makes me feel safe, hugged, grounded, and it calms me down in stressful situations and I tend to lie more still when I’m sleeping, and not toss and turn so much. I can even get a longing just to be under the blanket during the day, not sleeping, but feeling the security and safety it gives me. It has definitely helped me sleep better in collaboration with some melatonin and a sedative.

There are three kinds of weighted blankets on the market that I know of:

bolltäckeThe Ball Blanket: “The weight of the balls affects the central nervous system via the comfortable pressure you feel on the body. Moving underneath the blanket creates new pressure points and thus new tactile signals to the central nervous system. The ball covers help to clarify the limits of the body”

These blankets are usually made of a duvet filled with plastic balls that come in different sizes and weights. 3-10 kg for adults and 0,5-1,5 for children.

600510The Chain Blanket: “The chain blankets function is based on scientific studies on the calming impact of gravity. Through the weight of the cover, the user gets a clearer feel of the body’s limits. The comfortable weight releases a number of body-wise hormones that seem to calm anxiety and sedation for both blood pressure and heart rate. The effect is that you can relax, and get better sleep quality.”

A chain blanket is a duvet with channels lengthwise with chains running through them, these also come in different weights, 4-15 kg for adults and 1,5-3,4 for children.

fibertacket-300x216and The Fiber Blanket: “Fiber blanket is a weighted blanket and a mind-stimulating cognitive tool. The fiber blanket is unique because it is soft and has gentle and enclosing features that gives a sense of peace and security. Unlike other weighted blankets, the fiber blanket provides an even pressure throughout the body.”

The fiber blankets are made from polyester and comes in weights from 4-14 kg for adults and 2,3-5 kg for children.

The weighted blankets are a great help for som people and I certainly recommend it.

There is also the option to make your own weighted blanket, here are some great tutorials for the diy blanket.

in-progress-held-upCalming the senses with weighted blankets.

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 22.47.56The Weighted Blanket: An Easy Quilting Project by Rob Appell of Man Sewing.

DIY-weighted-lap-pad-using-pillow-petP1450841-One-project-closerDIY Weighted Lap Pad Using a Pillow Pet!

20161208225818013211127890_sbigKedjetäcke (Swedish)

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10 thoughts on “How can a weighted blanket help you”

  1. Wow, this was indeed a well informative post for me since I was not aware of any such type or kind of blankets. Thanks for sharing dear 🙂

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  2. This is such an interesting subject! I never heard of such blankets but I get why people benefit from them. I know it’s not really a comparison but I can fall asleep in no time when I’m hugged tightly by my bf it puts me right to sleep. So I get that such a blanket can comfort you and help you sleep. I hope you have lots of nice sleeps now.
    Lea, xx

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  3. To tell you the truth, i have only once heard about this blanket but never had paid attention. Now i know what this is all about. I used to suffer from insomnia years ago but without doing anything special now i could say i sleep easier and better. Whenever i feel loosing my sleep i try to wake up very early even the days i have slept only 2-3 hours. That way, when the night comes i feel tired from my everyday work and getting back to my sleep routine easier.

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