Birdies in my garden

Photo shoot with the birds in my garden. The photos are taken with a Canon EOS 40D on a stand with a remote switch, while sitting very still drinking coffee. There are lots of other birds here too, but some prefer eating the seeds that fall on the ground so they are obviously not represented here. IMG_0505Hiding from the snow, being all fluffy. (Grönsiska  Carduelis spinus)IMG_0512Hey, I got a treat! (Nötväcka sitta europaeaIMG_0569And I’m of. Superman! (Nötväcka sitta europaea)IMG_0581Yep, handsome boy. (Grönsiska  Carduelis spinus)
IMG_0660Oh, whats in here! (Grönsiska  Carduelis spinus)IMG_0722Hmm, suspect feeding station. (Talgoxe parus major)
IMG_0746I’m taking this one, ok? (Blåmes parus caeruleus)
IMG_0808Are you staring at me while I’m eating? (Grönsiska  Carduelis spinus)IMG_0832Posing. (Blåmes parus caeruleus)IMG_0853I can pose too! (Talgoxe parus major)IMG_0854I’m not participating in this photo shoot! (?)IMG_0861How is the seed selection here. (Blåmes parus caeruleus)IMG_0876Oh, what, I’m just borrowing this! (Blåmes parus caeruleus)IMG_0877I’ll bring it back…. not! (Blåmes parus caeruleus)
IMG_0886How you doing? (Blåmes parus caeruleus)

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