Spring is Here

It snowed today. It hailed the day before yesterday and on my birthday the 3 of April we had coffee in our shirtsleeves outside. April weather. I don’t mind. There’s no stopping it now. Spring is coming…

Spring Is HereThe Tussilago – Coltsfoot is turning up everywhere. Glowing yellow on the side of the road.

the lakeI check the water temperature often, I want to swim…or at least go in, have a dip and hurriedly get up again. Its 5 degrees C. It hurts my hand. I’ll wait a bit more.

dead birdOk, I feel like that guy from “American Beauty” but this little bird lay dead on our deck and it was just so beautiful. I think it is a Dubbeltrast  in swedish (Turdus viscivorus).

Spring is Here

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