Hand Knit Socks

HandknitsocksI am a knitter. I’m sure of it. I can knit a pair of socks without a pattern at hand and I know the exact way to knit the perfect sock for both me and my husband, what about that I never successfully have managed a sweater, socks count!

This pair was for my nephew’s birthday, they are knitted in Friday Studios Ice Dyed yarn. Friday Studios was my own yarn dyeing company, until I dismantled it because it was taking too much out of me to run and I wanted to go back to being the jewellery artist I am supposed/want to be. I made up the pattern as I went.

You can se more of my yarns and what people have knitted out of it on the knitting community Ravelry here.


I did toe up socks, knitted both at the same time on circular needles, one from each end of the yarn ball. I started with Judy’s magic cast on and then just increased to 60 st per sock.


I wanted a bit of interest on the sock, partly for me, entertaining me while knitting and partly for the finished result. I chose to do this pinstripe effect by lifting four stitches, evenly distributed, on the foot part and eight on the leg part. I let the lifted stitches travel for three rounds so they are quite long and visible.


The heel is a Fish Lips Kiss Heel by Sox Therapist, which I love to do, so simple (when you have memorised it) and it fits great too. I didn’t want to interrupt the yarn so a “knit as you go” heel was preferred.


When the cuff was approaching I did two rounds of garter stitch, increasing four stitches per sock on the last round. Then I knitted seven rounds of stockinette, one of garter for the turning and seven rounds of stockinette again before I turned the hem over and picked up stitches on the backside and did a three needle bind of. I like this sort of cuff, as long as you make sure its loose enough, if you don’t make it too long it doesn’t really have to have any “holding the sock up” effect at all and can be quite loose and just decorative.

I hope you knit socks too, it´s a great gift and just the right size project to not get to bored along the way. Happy Knitting!

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6 thoughts on “Hand Knit Socks”

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with hand knit socks. I occasionally like to make them (they’re a quick project) but then I find them itchy, the purl bumps bother me and I have to wear them inside out, and when I indeed to wear them I’m always afraid I’ll damage one and leave the other one an orphan… Did I mention I have a complicated relationship with socks? 🙂

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