The 100 Days Project

100daysproject1I am all exited, I am going to take part in the 100 days project, now what is this you ask. Its described as “A wonderfully simple, and deceptively challenging project.
If you sign up to take part in the project, you agree to these two simple rules:

  1. You will repeat a simple creative task every day for the duration.
  2. You will record each days effort.

It’s that simple, and that difficult!
Choose one creative ‘exercise’, and then repeat it every day for 100 days.
Record each daily effort and see what evolves in the work and in the self over time.”
You can read more on 100 days project website here, and you sign up here.

This year it starts on the 22 of May and ends 100 days later on the 29th of August, so there is time to think about what to do and plan it out to make things run smoothly. Apparently not even 50% of the participants finish, I can understand that, 100 days is a very very long time. But I can see, in the projects of those who finish that they have reached something, something new that wasn’t there before. I want to try!
I have aded a countdown to the left, that for now counts down to the start and later will count the 100 days.

I’m not sure if I am a:
100 days blogger,
100 days jeweller,
100 days photographer,
100 days painter/doodler or sketcher

I think I’m going back to what I love and is actually educated as, a contemporary jeweller. And if I have until May 22, I’ll have time to set up my jewellers bench and get some supplies. If there is going to be a chance that I will last the 100 days it has to be “quick and dirty” jewellery, with lots of materials on hand.

One contemporary jewellery piece a day.

I also need some sort of unpredictable daily inspiration delivery, a word, a picture or something similar that I can base the days work on. And I don’t want to be able to know anything beforehand, then I will start dwelling and thinking about it when I should sleep, and it will take up all my time.

Something like:

  • The 8th word in the first column in a certain web newspaper
  • A word of the day mail service
  • Words my family tear out of a local newspaper and put in a box for me to draw each day
  • 100 objects found in a flea-market
  • An inspiring word a day from my readers
  • A word from a randomly chosen page in a really thick book

Any suggestions on this?


Since I’m going to record this project here on my blog, Im not sure If I will be able to write as normal at the same time, the blog might be totally over run by the project. Or maybe it will do me good to blog as usual as well. We will have to see. Hopefully you will like the content. I am at least very exited to be working artistically again, I even dreamed about it last night. 🙂 I have missed it so much and I think this will be a way for me to kickstart my artistic work in the butt.

It would be wonderful to have an exhibition of some sort when/if the 100 days are over. That will also be a great incentive to actually finish. The base of the 100 days project is in New Zealand so I can’t really be apart of that, except virtually. But I was thinking about renting a space for a weekend or so either in Gothenburg, Alingsås or Tollered, and if there are any one else close to me who is participating also, maybe we can exhibit together! That would be so much fun!


Here are some great inspiration from the 2016 100 days:

Kerryn did 100 Mini Creatures:

100 Vessels:

100 Abstractions drawn from objects:

Joni Murphy’s 100 imagined worlds:

And here is New Zealand graphic designer Emma Rogan, that started the 100 Days Project after reading about a class called ‘100 Days of Design’ – run by Michael Bierut at Yale School of Visual Arts, on TedTalks

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