That swimwear issue again!

So we are back at that swimwear issue. I just can’t find one I like under 800kr ($100)!
I do have some really difficult though.

  • I want to be able to swim in it.
  • I want my bits to be covered, even if I move around.
  • I want a one piece suit…
  • …in a nice pattern/color…
  • …black doesn’t count.
  • I don’t want any “slimming” effect, or a skirt attached.
  • I don’t want to bother with a cup-size.
  • It would be nice if it had a nice/fun back, but that’s not necessary.
  • And finally I want to be able to dive into the water and do a handstand without showing/or being scared of showing any bits.

Doesn’t that sound like a quite simple bathing suit.
Apparently not!

I found this nice number, with cute pink fishes on it, half off and it was definitely fun in the back, it turned out it was a little bit to fun at the back, we were not made for each other, no, sadly I had to send it back. So now I’m a bit weary of too much fun in the back. I like my butt to be covered… interestingly.


I have thus decided that surely I can sew one myself. There are great tutorials and patterns out there, and then I can learn to make just the bathing suit for me, several in fact, and definitely for under $100! And after I have mastered the sewing of the Lycra I’m sure I can learn how to embellish and maybe even make them fun in the back! Ha, take that swimwear industry!

These are the pattern with tutorials I am looking at, if anyone have any suggestion Id love to hear about it.

Angela KaneSwimming CostumeYouTube tutorial, simple but… simple.
McCalls 6759YouTube tutorial, I don’t know If I can get a hold of this pattern but the YouTube tutorial is great whichever pattern you use I think.
PapercutSoma SwimsuitWritten tutorials, though I don’t think this would fit me very well since I am curvy and have a large chest.

And I found a Swedish site that at least have lots of gorgeous solid colours of swimsuit material. Otherwise ill just order from farther away and wait, you can find lots of gorgeous fabrics on Etsy.

So wish me luck on this sewing adventure! If it does not work, I’ll be swimming naked!

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