The value of a swimsuit?

So, I have no in-depth subject today…

I have sore muscles from an intense forest walk yesterday, that featured an adorable little horse, that made me all muddy when I was petting his nose while he was trying to eat my jacket, so worth it.
I really need to start walking regularly again, I used to be really fit for about half a year of my life, I’m such a couch potato. But I’m also getting older and feeling it in my joints, and now everything is a struggle. I don’t need to be running 10k:s or anything, I just want to have muscles enough for a healthy life, and to not feel so struggly. (Yes, I know that’s not a word) So regular forest walks it is, and some strength exercises here and there.


I have sunny weather shining down on what is not yet spring but brown trees and yellow grass, with a promise in the air. The birds are singing it, they know. And there is a hardy plant or two peeking up in the garden. My indoor seedlings are getting along so nicely they need replanting.
I love spring, it’s the same love I have for Fridays, you have all the glory of summer, or the weekend, ahead of  you. I love that. The hay fever… not so much.


I have a knitting project going on, I am using my own ice dyed sock yarn. Below is a video I made documenting that incredibly fun process.
It’s nice to be knitting again. I have started three socks, I think, in the last months and never got any of them finished. I just stole my favourite needles for the next sock project that did not get finished. I just stole them again for this project, but this has solid reasons to get done, so I’m confident. I say confidently!

I have a swimsuit that did not fit. Sigh, it had lovely pink fishies on it. It was the right size and everything, it was the cut of it, we were just not made for each other.
So, the search is on for another one.. I have two in mind, one pretty and not very expensive and one gorgeous and more than double the price of the first one.
How do you value a swimsuit? I do swim a lot, and I love it, its my happy place, but still, it’s not on for that many hours total. But you have to be comfortable, feel nice, and be able to do a handstand in the water. What is the value of that?



Cover photo by: Sean

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2 thoughts on “The value of a swimsuit?”

  1. I enjoyed this blog Frida, I to love walking. I also don’t plan on a 10k run. 54 I’m an old but enjoy nature. I to love swimming. Been a while, but love it to. Which reminds me, I need a bathing suite myself. But, to walk and enjoy nature is wonderful

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 54 year old people run 10ks… if they want to that is. I have a lake not 500m away and I’m just waiting for it to be swimming weather… the ice just melted. 😉


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