Battling fear of the Dentist

I am really, really afraid of going to the dentist. I’ll be in a heightened state of panic weeks before, which is really bad for your body and mind and devastating for your life, I’ll have panic attacks and gag reflexes and I´ll be so tense I might harm myself undeliberately by clenching my fist so I dig my nails in, (or deliberately too for that matter) and so that I’ll be sore in my arms and legs the next day. And all this even if I have never had to do any real scary dentist work or had a really bad experience. I think it might have something to do with lying down in that chair and loosing all control. Just writing this is making me uncomfortable, and slightly nauseous.

I am thinking about this because it was a while… well actually way to long, since I have been for a checkup. I don’t feel anything weird or wrong, but there still might be. I have horribly crooked wisdom teeth, they grow outwards, towards my cheeks, but they don’t bother me.

The last time I had to book an appointment, I could literally feel/see my eyesight get sharper and sharper as the adrenaline levels rose. But it all went well and we fixed one cavity with anaesthetic and I let the dentist remove an old amalgam filling and put in a new white one without anaesthetic, which is unheard of for me. I was totally high after that, on all the chemicals my body had produced in anticipation of what my brain must have thought was a tiger attack or something.

I have found something that I think will help though, apart from the way better sedative I can take if need be, educational YouTube movies for dentists! It sounds crazy for someone who is scared of going to the dentist to sit and willingly watch movies about dentist work. But the thing is, I like to know what they are doing and why, and this way I learn! I have found a channel where a calm dentist explains what he is doing and there is no horrible headlines but just ordinary dental problems on a varying scale. I wont show any pictures, since I know some of you probably don’t want to see that, but here is a link to the channel. Press here for the calm dentists channel. 🙂

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Cover photo by: Paul Becker

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