Strawberry Bag!

I made another toiletry bag with strawberries on it!  Here is the post of the one I made for my husband, with foxes.
This is the free pattern “Toiletry bag for Dad“, from the blog. Fantastic tutorial that I gladly would have payed for.
I’m sorry for the bad pictures, I usually do my sewing at night, and snap a pic here and there with my phone.

This toiletry bag was for my mother and I chose a strawberry fabric with a stripy inside and details. She is a strawberry kind of mom. 🙂
Here we have all the pieces cut out, lots of pieces, and two red zippers, it will all make sense when you read the pattern! I promise.

There is quite a lot of bias binding, and on this bag, compared to the foxy one (from now on I’m going to refer to my husbands bag as the “Foxy bag”), I actually made the bias binding on the actual bias because then I get these fun leaning stripes. But it’s a pain in the ass to cut out!

Here we have a pic of the quilting and attaching of the front  pocket, I chose to use the bias binding for the top, because of the fun striping, and I also managed to get the zipper on in the right direction this time. Yay, progress!

I added one thing of my own to this bag, and that is that tiny little stripy tap you can see next to the zipper, it is next to the zipper because it is a zipper tap. You grab hold of it when you open and close the bag. Then we have the handle basted on and pinned out-of-the-way. And on the right side you can see how all the raw edges are hidden, behind copious amounts of bias binding. I also choose to quilt the bottom piece this time because I thought it came out to floppy on the foxy bag, but I think I am using a thinner interfacing.

Here I have made myself a boxy pincushion bowl, you need a lot of pins for this bag, but if you are a sewer, seamstress or whatever, you know this and have a lot of pins. Pins are consumable objects, you just have to get more now and then because they get away from you and escape into the wild. I have fancy quilting ones, I like them because they are a bit longer.

On the last seam I found it extremely useful to, instead of pinning, nail the bias binding in place with this little green gun that “shoots out” little H shaped plastic pieces that holds everything together while not trying to hurt you when you are sewing. They are a bit of a pain, haha, to remove, but so worth it.
Get one of these, I use it for all kinds of stuff. Showing off a bit too much cleavage, put one of these in to close the gap, bra strap showing, shoot it in place. And then you just cut them off. I got mine at “The cotton patch“, a great online quilting/patchwork shop, it’s called a “Microstitch Basting Gun“.

And here we have the finished bag!!
It has two open pockets on the inside and a zippered one on the front. I must say that it was easer to handle this strawberry fabric than the foxy fabric, because I didn’t have to worry about which way the strawberries were facing, while it feels kind of like failure if you have a patch of upside down foxes somewhere. On the foxy bag I even made them match over the top zipper, which took two separate pieces of the pattern repeat. But its nice to fiddle with those kind of fancy details when you have time and the inclination, which is to say, not always. 😉

Give this pattern a try if you need a toiletry bag or give it away to someone, its a great bag!

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