The healing company of animals

I don’t know what my life would be like without these darling little creatures…. a lot les fun, that’s for sure. Seriously, Billy and Ivar makes me get up in the morning (sort of) and they make me think of someone other than myself and keep me company when I am alone. They are the best, after my husband and my family and friends.
If things are a bit sad, go snuggle a bunny, its fail safe!
Or give them a little pice of banana and see how incredibly happy they get and how cute they are when they munch it down.
Build them a new play space and see if they like it, they might just look at you disdainfully like “I am more sophisticated than that” (they are a lot more like cats than you might think) or they might go bananas running around exploring everything, and eating the corners of your storage cube! As you can see it helps to spread some pellets around, if they like pellets that is.

They have even charmed my mom and dad, they immediately start climbing my mom when she goes to greet them, because she always gives treats and I think my dad grows vegetables just so he can give them to the bunnies. I mean he does one batch of kale soup a year, bunnies like kale, do the “math”! 😉

Oh, yes, they look a bit scraggly because they just had haircuts, they are Angora rabbits and you have to shear them four times a year or their fur will get to long, go all matted and they can’t eat, move or clean them selves properly. I prefer to do a fast, safe shearing job than a perfect one. 🙂 And they will stay on the carpet, angora feet are slippery on the parquet floors, but I keep an eye on them.

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