Identical Twins

So, I think in pictures, constantly, that is partly why I have such a great sense of humor, because when you can see a sentence in your head as a picture or a little slide show, some things get really funny, or really profound. This is what I work my ass off as an artist to show people, I want to share the pictures in my head, I want you all to see it, because its little pieces of marvellousness.

I have a whole folder of saved text, sentences or just snippets of things, that I save for the day when I get the brilliant idea on how to present just that one. An example “her eyes was so blue they looked like weather“, I see it! I want you to see it. I’m finding that Photoshop might be a potential medium for this, and if I get better and better at it, and maybe hold proper photo shoots, It might really start looking like the pictures in my head.

Here is the first one I’m quite proud of, and that I feel I got my vision across. It has lots of faults, I know, believe me, but its made with just stock photos, and the limited Photoshop knowledge I now have and plan to greatly extend.


I have understood that this thinking in pictures is not as common as I thought. Its horrible at times, and totally glorious at others. Like you can’t talk about gross things when I eat, then I’ll have trouble with that image popping up for days, and I seriously won’t be able to eat, but its the same with the good stuff, It can make me smile wide at totally random times.

If I am going to sleep I usually can’t control the pictures and it might lead me to places I don’t want to go, like self-doubt or rehashing things that are long past. That is why I usually fall asleep to an audiobook, because then my brain makes a movie out of whats happening, and thats nice to fall asleep to. I really love audiobooks, and I have visual memories of books I listened too as a child, I know what every one is wearing and what the surrounding looks like. This happens to a lesser extent when I’m reading “normal” books as well but not quite as vividly. A tip if you also do this, always read the book first and see the movie second!!

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