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So the lovely blue and tan camera bag from Lencca arrived, its gorgeous and well made in every way. But, can anyone else than me see a slight discrepancy here? Do I have an abnormally large camera? Its a Canon eos 40D. I can only get my camera in there if I separate the camera house and the lens and put them in separately, and thats a tight fit, which means I can only bring one lens, and I have to assemble it before taking any photos. That was not exactly what I had planned. Of course I should have read the dimensions of the bag and compared to my camera, this is the peril of internet shopping. I have nothing bad to say about the bag, except that my camera does not fit in it, its gorgeous and just what I wanted in every other way. Ill probably just use it as a normal purse.

So…. change of plan…. After some more searching I started to come across these Kånken backpack camera hacks! Fotokånken = Photography Kånken. Brilliant!

Made by Malin from


The yellow one is a Kånken Mini and the woodsy one below is a regular sized Kånken.

Made by Tommie Svanström Ohlsson

After some searching I found that Fjällräven, who makes the Kånken backpacks actually makes a camera insert, so I opted for one of those. I might have inadvertently collected three of these lovely backpacks, an orange, a black and a vintage turquoise one that I plan to use for this.


Maybe you don’t know what I am talking about, what are these Kånken anyway? Its a backpack made for school children in 1978, sized to fit an A4 binder, designed by Åke Nordin and made by Fjällräven, a company that makes outdoor sports equipment and clothes. The word Kånken – kånka means to lug, lugging something, like schoolbooks for example. 🙂 As I wrote it was first made in 1978 and has just kept going strong since then. Now it comes in about a million colors and lots of sizes. Read more about it here: English, Swedish.

Of course you can put anything you want in there, as seen above, and… anyone planing to buy me a birthday present what about these pink extra padded shoulder pads!

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