The hunt for a Camera Bag!

I am so tired of bad photos! Usually I only carry my Iphone out and about with me and though the built-in cameras has improved hugely through the models they are still not that great.

canon1So I have decided its time to get used to carry around the “big” DSLR camera my dear father in law gave me, it’s a Canon EOS 40D, and obviously significantly larger than an Iphone which it makes up by taking significantly better photos than an Iphone.

I am also trying to get the hang of using the manual settings. But I think I have to get out and about in different light and motif situations to get a better understanding of them. And to do that we need to make a few changes.

First I don’t have a bag, and I don’t want to break it! So I’m looking into getting a bag that I will like carrying around, that is pretty, that is not one that looks like “hey I have a big expensive camera in here”, and one that I can also put my “stuff” in, not huge, just a little bigger than just for the camera.
I have found “The” bag, that obviously is a designer bag and I can not, nor do I want to spend that kind of money on a bag.

This is the “Austin” bag from Kelly Moore. thebag1

It costs $199, but is currently on sale for $99, that doesn’t really help, especially when there is an additional $50 for shipping to Sweden.

Gorgeous bucket bag, vegan too!

I have also found some nice ones in my price range, all have to be ordered via the internet of course.

The “Manfrotto Stile 35 Diva Sholder Bag” in Dove, from Manfrotto. I love all the pockets! But I wish the shoulder straps were adjustable. £35.22 from, and there will of corse be a shipping cost added on that too.

Or the “Olive” DLSR Camera Bag in Blue and Beige from Lencca.olive7

£24.95 on I love this little chic but fun and colorful bag with lots of hidden pockets. Vegan leather!

Maybe you can see on the amount of pictures wich one I have chosen. 😉

I thought I would sew a temporary/light case to use while the bag gets here. And I found some great patterns for that depending on what function you want it to serve.

Top left Camera case by Froo and Boo, Bottom left How to make a camera case from a handbag by Handbag Heaven, Right Camera Slip for your purse by Handmade by Sarakim


And then we have to do something about the neckband. Its ugly, uncomfortable and on top of that it’s getting a bit old and is showing some wear and tear. So, either I make a cover for it and keep the original strap inside, or I sew a whole new one. Both good solutions, each with its pros and cons. Here are some tutorials for that.

Left “Camera Strap with lens cap pocket” by Bue Bonnet Acres, Middle “Scarf Camera Strap” by The Thinking Closet and Right “How to make a Camera Strap” By Ikat Bag.


If you don’t want to buy a camera bag at all there are some great tutorials on how to make inserts to fit your usual bag or purse. Also a great idea! Check my Pinterest board “Camera Stuff” for more ideas.
Stay tuned to see what I end up doing. 😀

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