2017bRight, new year, what do I want to do during 2017.

  • Ok, new header! It’s still saying blogmas for g*d sake
  • Some sort of vague “what do I want to do in 2017, no resolutions, more like a list of ideas. With pictures.
  • Ok, realising that the above point is just what I am doing so I’ll just continue with that.
  • More crafting
  • Make jewelry again.
  • More documenting of crafting
  • I want to weave that waffle kind of weaving (or learn, because I don’t know how)
  • Id still like a camera that can wi-fi/bluetooth or something over the pictures to my phone. Hint hint, there is a donate button to the right if you want to help!
  • Maybe learn more about photoshopping. It’s just that I have taken something like four courses in Photoshop and I still never learn the things I want, and I never really feel fluent in it. Does anyone?
  • Id like to upgrade my WordPress account so that I get more space, and most importantly; so that the ads are removed. If there is going to be ads, then Id like to get compensated!
  • Id like to have a Patreon account so that anyone who feel it worthwhile can help me with the point above, or rather actually activate the account, when its good enough.
  • I need a film, with me telling you, my lovely readers, that I hope are out there, why you might want to contribute and what I would do with the money.
  • I want to spinn more. Make more yarn, I do prefer spinning to knitting actually.
  • I do create a bunch of stuff so maybe I can auction off some of the stuff you have seen me make, and put the money towards that camera.
  • Finish some of the knitting patterns I have lying around, at least two are all but done.
  • Some more personal things, get out and walk! Be in the forest and the garden more.
  • Fix, paint and take more pride in my home. I’ll show you the colors I have chosen. 🙂
  • How do I get this blog thing to grow?
  • I really don’t think I am a YouTuber.
  • Feature the bunnies more.
  • Guest blogger?
  • Sketch.

That´s all I can think of now, (not that it’s not enough) which is kind of the point, you can always make more list when goals have been reached or changed.

Happy new year everyone. I sincerely hope this is a good one for you!

Love Frida

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