Musikhjälpen Malmö 2012. Photo: Julia Lindemalm/Sveriges Radio

Musikhjälpen = Music Aid is a fundraising event that has existed in Sweden since 2008. They send live around the clock for 144 hours on the radio station P3 and tv station SVT / SVT Play. Together with Radiohjälpen they help draw attention and raise money to a hidden humanitarian disaster; there is a new theme in Musikhjälpen every year.

The theme for this year’s broadcast is “Children in war have the right to go to school.” Read more about this topic.

This picture is from last years Musikhjälpen in Linköping. Photo: Micke Grönberg/SR

The program consists of three well-known TV host locked up in a studio, called the glass box, in a square in a Swedish city. This year is the turn of Örebro, December the 12th to 18th with  Kodjo Akolor, Josefine “Little Jinder” Jinder and “Howlin'” Pelle Almqvist from the band The Hives. During the week the hosts will be visited by dedicated people who contribute in different ways to fight for this year’s theme. Performers and famous people come to visit to get involved, and the thing that binds the whole show together is the audience’s song requests that all contribute to the collection.

I look forward to this this great event each year!
And if you want to help me raise some money via Friday Frida, for this great cause you can donate here, lets show that we care and want to help. Im starting by donating 100kr.

Musikhjälpen in past years:

2015, Linköping 13-19 december
Theme: No one should have to flee because of climate change.
Hosts: Kodjo Akolor, Gina Dirawi och Linnea Henriksson.
Together we raised 31 105 000 kronor!

2014, Uppsala 8-14 december
Theme: Help us stop the spreading of HIV.
Hosts: Kodjo Akolor, Linnea Henriksson och Petter Alexis Askergren.
Together we raised 30 489 975 kronor!

2013, Göteborg 9-15 december
Theme: Every whomans right to live through their pregnancy.
Hosts: Kodjo Akolor, Sarah Dawn Finer och Emma Knyckare.
Together we raised 28 426 046 kronor!

2012, Malmö 10-16 december
Theme: Children in slums have a right to clean water.
Hosts: Kodjo Akolor, Gina Dirawi och Jason Diakité.
Together we raised 23 301 823 kronor!

2011, Göteborg 12-18 december
Theme: All girls has a right to go to school.
Hosts: Kodjo Akolor, Gina Dirawi och Jason Diakité.
Together we raised 18 104 362 kronor!

2010, Malmö 13-19 december
Theme: Children are not for sale.
Hosts: Martina Thun, Nour El-Refai och Jason Diakité.
Together we raised 12 236 417 kronor!

2009, Göteborg 14-20 december
Theme: Din music stops malaria.
Hosts: Ametist Azordegan, Christer Lundberg och Jason Diakité.
Together we raised 5 748 442 kronor!

2008, Malmö 13-19 december
Theme: 67 miljoner refugees need your help.
Hosts: Henrik Torehammar, Kitty Jutbring och Ehsan Noroozi.
Together we raised 3 016 247 kronor!

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