lussefika1Today on the 13th of December we Swedes (and other Scandinavians too) celebrate the saint Lucia, well actually we celebrate what used to be the winter solstice before the almanac got adjusted, but the church chose a christian saint and tried to make our pagan rituals into a christian celebration. Didn’t work that well, so now we have a very interesting half and half celebration with elements of both pagan and christian beliefs.

The most important thing though is that we have lots of lights, singing and buns with saffron.
Below is the Lucia celebration from Örgryte church from last year. Lots of us crazy swedes get up at seven in the morning to watch this on television, and it is also played out in lots of churches and almost all schools and kindergartens.

Read mor about it all here.  Or watch “Lucia fo dummies below”. 🙂

I so recommend you watch/listen to this,  it has beautiful singers, musicians, some fun children’s songs and… wait for it… an opera singer who knows how to use his eye shadow pallet!! At least have it on in the background or something… it’s really beautiful. Well I’m gonna set my alarm clock for seven am tomorrow, and then I will promptly go to sleep again afterwords.

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