Trying a TENS Machine

Tens Machine

Hello! So I said I was going to do an update on how the TENS machine worked for my period pain when I had tried it out a bit. And now I have.


For you who does not know a TENS machine is a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, oh doesn’t that sound lovely. The thing with it is that is has the capability to disrupt the pain signals from, for example in my case menstrual cramps, which then lessens or totally removes the pain. aigbgymnhj7obqgkreuu
Sounds fantastic right, as the people from Livia, a company who have designed a very small, cute and portable TENS just for menstrual cramps (which I have never tried), says “an off switch for your period pain”. NO! No it is not! Do not make the mistake of believing that. (I do believe the Livia is a great product though) You are in a sense running a weak electrical current through your body, you can feel it, if you do it wrong it hurts. (And if you touch the electrodes while the machine is turned on but they are not attached to you, you shock yourself, I have done that twice now, ow.)
So what does it feel like then? Well you connect two electrodes that look like band aids with cords attached, on either side of the pain/uterus, and then you turn the machine on, and slowly raise the current.
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First nothing happens,
and then it starts to tingle,
and then it starts to tingle quite a lot,
a bit like pressure, or lots of tiny hands massaging you. Still sounds quite nice, yes, but the thing is you have to raise the current until the feeling of the TENS is more obvious than the pain, and that in itself can be quite painful, in a totally different way. But, you get used to the feeling, and soon you don’t know it’s there, and if you turn the machine on while the pain still quite low, it never really kicks in as bad, and you don’t have to turn the TENS machine on as high.
A huge plus with this thing, is that you can use it as much as you want, and never overdose! Keep it on all day if you need to.
A small negative is that you have electrical cords running from your stomach to the machine that you have to keep track of and preferably not get tangled in anything.

So to recap:

  • It really does work!
  • It’s NOT an of switch for pain
  • Put it on as soon as possible
  • Keep track of the cords
  • Dont shock yourself
  • No need for any painkillers 🙂

I have just lived through my first period cramps without painkillers… ever!
8a92f62294cdd03def8f56de87da0dc8When I was younger it was not so bad, and over the counter painkillers worked fine, but it has escalated with my age (I personally think my uterus is taking out its revenge on me for not having kids) and for the last years I have taken strong prescribed pills with kodein in them (yes it rhymes with morphine for a reason) which made me sleepy and woozy and never even really got rid of the pain, just dulled it.
And this month I took…. noting!
Not even a stinking Alvedon!! (non swedes, it’s the most non evasive and mild painkiller ever)
But, having my period is still a pain, ha ha, in the butt (read uterus), I get really tired, nauseous, and I bleed a lot, so taking care of a Niagara falls of blood is also a chore, two words: menstrual cup! Three words: another post entirely.

I love this thing and I’m sticking with it, this is the one I got on loan (red), and this is the one (teal) I will be getting when I have to give the red one back.
It’s basically the same machine but with fewer features.

I so do recommend this! Its way better than having to take strong pills with side effects. And as an added feature, it works on all kinds of pain, and improves blood circulation. I also use it on my shoulders.
Have a happy/er period everyone!

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