TENS for Period Cramps

pexels-photo-143654 copySo for some reason I had a really bad reaction to my normal, but strong with kodein, pain medication I get prescribed for my period cramps, this month. I usually get drowsy and a bit woozy, but calm and happier (high probably), which works kind of well with the “stay in the sofa under a blanket” kind of days those are anyway, since the pills only dulls the pain. This month though, I got nauseous and dizzy (they also dulled the pain, thankfully) which triggered two panic attacks! So now I am scared of them and probably won’t take them any more, I’m talking about Citodon, for the swedes reading.

I’m wondering if this has anything to do with the fact that I am vegan now. I have been vegan since about april, and my cycle has become closer to 25 days instead of 28 and the bleeding has gone down from 7 to 5 days.
I track my periods with the “Clue” app so I can have a good grip on whats happening, a recommendation for all menstruating women.carrot-kale-walnuts-tomatoes-copy

So what should I do about the pain next month?
For about a day and a night I have really severe pain, a “walking around in circles shaking my hands and groaning” kind of pain, so I have to deal with it somehow. The over the counter drugs are either to week for the pain or to harsh on my stomach, so that is really not a good option.
But, I have had my eye on the “Livia” Indigogo campaign, they are marketing the device as an “off switch for the pain”. The Livia is, according to the information they give, a TENS machine that is a bit more adapted visually for personal use and also apparently electrically for menstrual pain.

Read more about TENS and Livia by following the links.
The thing with the Livia is, that it is quite expensive, even though it currently sells for almost half the price, a “pink tax” perhaps? And its an Indigogo campaign so the delivery date is not set, though they currently say end of October.

But there is other TENS machines out there, not hard to find at all for everything between 500 kr to 3000 kr, and you can (in Sweden) actually get one prescribed, tried out by a physical therapist and lent to you for free! for all kinds of pain including menstrual cramps. They are often recommended to women as a good pain relief during labour.

tens machine for period crampsThank you Liva for opening my eyes to this!
So I have decided to give it a go, I’m going to invest in one myself, the Libra TENS probably, the company I contacted, Holorgon Nordic has a 14 day refund, and they actually suggested that I time that with my next period, to make sure that it works for me. They also specialises in pain management so it feels a bit safer buying from them, which I haven’t done yet so lets wait and see.

I am very exited to try this and see if it works!!! I will of couse update you.

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