Jewellers Frankenbench

Making a jewellers benchI am slowly working towards getting my jewellers stuff up and functional, I think I have had enough of a break from art school now and I am itching to start creating jewellery again. This is my true vocation.
Anyway, I don’t have a proper jewellers bench, I don’t really need one either (Expensive!), but I need a god working space of some sort, and I came across people making their own “Frankenbench” from an old sturdy desk. Se links and pictures below! That is a fantastic idea and I have acquired a desk for the purpose, now I (and here I mean me, my husband and my dad) have to rebuild it a bit.
Don’t worry, it’s not a fancy second-hand desk, well it is, but it is broken and needs a total makeover to work anyway. eava6864The plan is, and here I got lots of helps from the tutorials below, to remove the top of the desk, fix the surface of it, remove the veneer (its water damaged) and if its nice wood underneath, polish and oil that, or add a sheet of sturdy linoleum.
Then build a frame around the now exposed top of the desk to raise it about 20 cm, put the top back on, make a half circular cut out of the top, add some jewellers attributes and use the middle drawer as a catcher for shavings.
Id like to paint the grey parts not grey too, dark green perhaps.
In a nutshell. Easy right. Wish me luck!
I need a nice chair too, one you can move up and down.

Here we have all my lonely, abandoned jewellery stuff. Crammed in boxes 50 and 9. 😦

Here are two excellent tutorials on how to create your own “Frankenbench”.

This one is made by Maureen from the “Release Me Creations” blog, and you can find her tutorial here.

This one is made by Brian Meek and you can find his tutorial here. 

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