Lets talk Chocolate

chocolateThis is an important topic. When you love chocolate you become your own chocolate connoisseur, because there are so many kinds of this lovely food around, you just have to find the best one for you.
Do you want the pure silky smooth bar or do you want the texture of caramel, nuts or dried fruit.
Do you want the rich bitter dark chocolate or do you want the sweet, melty milk chocolate.
Maybe you have bypassed the bitterness all together and want white chocolate.
Are you the fancy kind that goes for pralines?
Or do you have your choices limited by a dietary choice or allergies?
So many chocolaty ways to go.

I’m gonna tell you a bit about my chocolate preferences. There is obviously going to be lots of Swedish or european brands here because… Im Swedish. 🙂

As most swedes my chocolate tasting career started with Marabou, since it’s a Swedish brand, most visible in stores and probably because it has a really sugary, milky taste that children like. It’s not bitter at all and melts really fast. More milk and sugar than chocolate.mjolkchoc-large

Weight watchers forced me to look elsewhere for chocolate and try to enjoy the dark side of the force, sorry chocolate. Lint´s chocolate is rich, has that distinctive dark chocolate snap, and is, as dark chocolate should be, bitter. I loved one that had a pocket of strawberry jelly, that I can’t find in Sweden any more. That one might even have been vegan since it was just dark chocolate and strawberry jelly. Probably contained gelatin just to tease me though. Though really, I do prefer milk chocolate, and that lead me to…

This  is in my opinion the best chocolate out there, when it comes to milk chocolate. Not to sweet, not to bitter, perfect consistency, gorgeous decadent chocolate taste from Finland. It has only one problem, it has milk, its milk chocolate, I am vegan. I have brought this horror on myself but I gladly do it for the cows, seriously, this is a sacrifice worth its name.fazerin-sininen-suosituin-suklaa-860x390

Milkyway, Wagonwheels, Crunchie and Maltesers.
I have never really been a fan of the traditional chocolate bar like snickers. I really, really like Milkyway, but you can’t get that in Sweden if you don’t happen to stumble upon a shipment some store brought in from somewhere else, which only makes me remember how much I love it and that I can’t get hold of any!
If wagon wheels were sold in Sweden when I was a kid, I would probably be addicted, but I have sadly only had one when I was on a language learning trip to Brighton in the middle of the 90s.
The same goes for Crunchie but I got a whole bunch of those in Brighton at least.
Maltesers made it to Sweden a few years before I went vegan and those are lovely, the chocolate is not my favourite part though, but the crunchy part, but it needs to be there to make up the whole.

Tonys Chocolonely
And then I got a little too much information about the meat and dairy industry, and here we are, vegan. With lead me to discover this fantastic chocolate. It is earth, animal and people friendly and it tastes great. Its dark chocolate, unfortunately their milk chocolate contains, surprise, milk, but they have several different vegan bars. I just wish they would do a vegan milk chocolate, that would be epic! Also their bars are gorgeous, they do not come in squares, but in different chunky sizes. culy00031

There are also a few vegan “milk” chocolate bars that deserves an honourable mentioning,  som tasty ones are, Vivani, Ichoc and Plamil. I am still exploring the world of vegan chocolate and it seems there is a quite a lot out there.

And no I am not sponsored by any of these brands, these are my views only. But if any of you chocolate makers out there would like to sponsor me, my contact information is here. 😉

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