The 5 Stages of Menstruation

At least for me. Hence the few days there is no blogpost each month. Educational.

1: The rollercoaster of hormones, mostly downhill, with stops for unhealthy snacks and nausea at regular intervals.roller-coaster-ftr

2: The waiting for the bloody, hehe, thing to start so the hormones can calm down!instagramperiodarticle_1ah9mdh-1ah9me5

3: The excruciating pain of my uterus trying to avenge me for, yet again, failing to become pregnant (we disagree on that point my uterus and I), which I, seriously, get morphine prescribed for, that, seriously, only dulls it. pexels-photo-143654 copy

4: And then we have the scene from “The Shining”, the opening of the floodgates, oh excuse me, elevator doors. Do not sneeze during this stage!the-shining-cruise-blood-ship

5: Then everything slowly levels out, except my blood levels of course, which I spend a month, with the aid of iron supplements, to try to replenish until the whole thing starts over again!!! Fuel-gauge-300x178

the 5 srages of menstruarion

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