The Making Of

The Making of a MovieA movie, this is way harder than I thought. I have a vision in my mind, I have a script, camera, lighting and the suplies. It just does not look the way I see it in my mind. This is a bit of a “secret” projekt, not really secret, but I don’t want to talk about what it is until it is done. Anyway, this is the hardest movie I have ever made, and its totally simple! I made it that way so it would be easier! Hello easier, where are you? My usual YouTube videos is just me filming a process, like spinning or dyeing, and it sort of comes out as it comes out, but here I have a plan, and it is ruining everything. 😀 At least making it bloody difficult. why is it so hard to make my minds view of things translate into reality! I really hope you ge to see this “thing” one day soon! DSC03122

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