Taking Care of Buisiness

Right, so we obviously had to spend the day taking care of this thing, that fell down, thankfully not on the shed, yesterday. That is quite a “branch” if you compare it to the normal sizes shed door! HURU5621Mom and Dad came to help with the chainsaw and we took down a bit of a birch while we were at it. Most of the leafy branches went to the sheep that seemed to enjoy some dietary change.

And the bunnies were having a  party with their yummy birch branch.

The top pile is for the fire barrel, the second pile will be dried for firewood (was that all!) and here we have the handsome husband chopping wood.

fallen branch


Weird things you have to do when you own a house that you never thought about. This one didn’t cost us any money at least. Changing the water pump down the 50 meter deep well though was not cheap!

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