What if I could sew

What If I Could SewI can actually sew, pretty well, small things, and things I plan out myself. I have just recently voyaged into the unknown of clothes in stretchy fabrics without owning a serger, but that went really well. It’s fascinating to own tops that fits you perfectly and your don’t have to wriggle around and adjust that cotton knit top that shrunk in the first wash.

This is the wonderful Craftsy class taught me the basics of sewing with knits. It’s not free, but your certainly get your moneys worth. Meg McElwee is a great teacher that explains everything simply and clearly. And you get patterns for a top, long sleeves, short sleeves and with different necklines, a comfy hoodie, yoga pants, that cold be pyjama pants or a pair of shorts, and a dress, that of course also is customisable.

Sewing with Knits, 5 Wardrobe Essentials, with Meg McElwee.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 14.17.55

On my Pinterest page I have a board called just What if I could sew, where I collect patterns and instructions for things I would like to make when/if I have time. Here are some of them, but go have a look a the whole collection on Pinterest.

eeb1ce88af232f9ab444a469a20eeee9Klänning 2312232, from Stoff och Stil510170d4a312a9ad39c024b83df15fb3Chameleon Soft Toy Pattern By TPC20d0e95beb9fedb9c533042658877832Gabriela Skirt from Sewaholic       This particular one is made by Maddy.

d77ffdd44df0909b510cc1dadfc89a6bTraveling Patchwork Bag

32ea5e52c3499701e405b04200542de3Tamarack Jacket from Grainline Studio

1349b148f956406b003db0dee2eeab5bShark Pencil Case from Patchwork Posse

4c2583545384d386c46b0ba0490c3886Sorbetto by Colette Pattens.

839dcd1f571a12e05e922f3213f85845I seem to have lost the link to this one, which is a shame because I really wanted to make it. If anyone knows where I could find the pattern please let me know.

04c0f782fcd1eb3536d9de942d4330beEsme Top by Sew Liberated

161dc0a769c64ba3361b768bd6fffe31Watson Bra and Bikini by Cloth Habit.

01deb16cebb60e36a331779dcf364876Cascade Duffle Coat by Grainline Studio

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