5 Things About Me

Lets get cosy, and get to know each other a bit better. Oh, that sounded a bit creepy didn’t it. What I mean is that I’m going to share some things about me, and I would love it if some of you would share something about yourself in the comments. Here we go!

Five Things About Me1: I am Swedish. Was born in Gothenburg, the second biggest city in Sweden on the west coast. I moved to Stockholm, the capital, on the east coast for art school and ended up staying for eight years. My husband and I have now moved almost all the way back, we live in the forest in a little place called Tollered just a little bit east of Gothenburg.

o-EMPEROR-PENGUINS-facebook2: I have Aspergers syndrome, with ADD. I was diagnosed in my thirties, and it was a big relief to finally get to know what was “wrong”, everything has become way more clear since then. I do not see it as a disability at all, more like I have a perspective on life most people lack, which comes with some difficulties too of course. I see penguins (it’s a metaphor I promise) and if you want to know what I mean by that, watch this speech by Sarah Hendrickx. (And If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, which you should its great, the penguins are at about the 41 minute mark) If you wanna se funny penguins click here.

frontjewellery3: I have a Bachelor in contemporary Jewellery, but have also trained as more of a gold/silversmith, I even have some experience as a blacksmith, and university points in Art History/Art Science. I definitely plan on going back to jewellery soon, I am already making a space for all my jewellery stuff, though I have no idea where it will lead, somewhere interesting I imagine. (This is a piece from my Bachelor exhibition “To Remember and Dream”)

sheephugging4: Everything I know about wool; washing, carding, combing, dyeing, spinning, weaving and knitting is self-taught. I learned through books, YouTube, Craftsy classes, and the good old “just try it”. I was so tired of the whole jewellery scene after three intense years in art school that I turned around completely and tried something else. Which led to me running my own yarn dyeing company, Friday Studios, for a while.

IMG_82555: I am the proud mama of Billy and Ivar the Angora bunnies. Named after IKEA bookcases. I love animals, I feel I get a better connection with most animals that with most humans, they are simpler, they show what they mean and I get it, humans, not so much. Sadly I am allergic to mostly cats and dogs and to some extent to all furry animals, otherwise I would probably be known as the crazy cat lady by now. Anyway, wet got the bunnies as a way to have a fiber producing animal on a smaller scale. The thing is, they stole my heart! They were supposed to live outdoors on our deck, but I got so worried about them that they had to move in. Now they have their own room and run our household by being exceedingly cute. And thanks to my allergies I found out how wonderful rabbits are, they are such little characters!

I hope you liked this little insight into my life.

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