7 Tips to Internet Clothing Shopping

7 tips to internet clothing shopping

A while ago me and my husband realised maybe we were not the city people we thought we were, we bought a house in the country and lo and behold, we were right. So this is when I, out of necessity, learned all about internet shopping. This is the clothing shopping advice section.

1: Most clothing companies seem to have a different opinion on how big/small a specific size is, so always measure yourself and compare to that specific size chart to be on the safe side.Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 21.50.14

2: Carefully read what materials the item is made of so you don’t get any weird texture surprises.funny-clothing-tags-laundry-labels-14__605

3: Be very happy if you find a company that has free shipping and returns. Then you can order multiple sizes and just send back the ones that did not fit. Especially good when it comes to shoes. Free Shipping

4: Try to find internet shops that are somewhat near you, to reduce shipping costs. (As a swede, I find lots of fun stuff in the states for example, and often the shipping is more than the item, sometimes its worth it though)World_Map-cute

5: Read the comments, if there are any, if the majority thinks its good it probably is.thumbs

6: If you are looking for say a top, look in your wardrobe and find one you really like, and then go on the internet to see if that brand maybe has some more tops your like. Then its likely to fit and be of a material you like.837cd5279cc941e8a33aea01e89e0252

7: Before you order take a careful look at the shipping price, and estimated shipping time, so you don’t get that lovely bathing suit in december. ice_swimming_ml

I hope these tips helps. Don’t you just love when there is a parcel in the mail! Happy shopping.

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