How to make a spooky image…

…Using bad lighting, a cameraphone, a few filters and PokemonGo.

How to Make a Spooky ImageOk, so there is two gyms close to this church, and we tend to get there at night, when my husband gets off from work, so we had taken the gyms, Victory! and saw a Growlithe on the “pokemons that are close” map in the corner, so obviously we start wandering around the really dark graveyard late at night to find the stripy thing! (Yes we found it) And that is when I saw this gorgeous view, knew my iPhone camera could not capture it but snapped a shot


The original picture was obviously dark and didn’t show much of the scene I wanted, but when I started playing around with the filters and enhancers in the Enlight app, this gorgeous spooky picture above appeared.

On the same topic, I found my old camera, and… Its Alive!!! At least now I have a camera that is not attached to my phone, can take night pictures (no I did not happen to have it with me when I took this picture), fits to the tripod and can handle more than a minute of film!

What you still can’t see on this picture is the gorgeous, huge chandelier that is hanging in the glass steeple. Will return with said alive camera and tripod!

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