The City of Caés


Alingsås is our nearest “town” its adorable full of cafes, have the greatest shoe shop ever (huge plus there) and now we are getting to know it even better going around Pokémon hunting. 😉

I really wish I could zoom in a bit better on these cute little duckies. I love ducks! I need a new camera.

PFHP8797We found this magical little garden, so adorable, and someone living there have a green thumb!

It really is a magical little fairy garden!

IMG_2850Escaping flower, it’s almost more beautiful in this sneaky kind of way.

OUXV6634I wonder what that clematis bush looks like on the inside. It must be glorious. I also love how this picture reminds me of a Japanese temple.

I couldn’t help to tinker a bit with these pictures a bit. 🙂

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