Vegan Boxen!

I have a monthly subscription to this thing called Vegan Boxen (translated from Swedish = The Vegan Box). Yes, I am a vegan, I love all the animals. It contains a selection of new and interesting vegan candy and snacks, which is great because the normal grocery stores usually doesn’t carry that many alternatives. Here we have the August Box!

I will do a little review of every thing that is in the box, but I haven’t tried all of them yet so I’ll come back and write a bit about the snack when I have tasted it. Cute packaging, always a bonus!

ARVU9227Ekorrens Ekologiska = The Squirrels Organic, cute name huh. This seems to be gummy candy, though they are very hard, in little feet shapes, sour sweet feet. Cute packaging, colourful! This brand does all organic candy, not all of them is vegan though. Very sour, and chewy, stuck to my teeth but they tasted very nice, especially the apple one. Tasted.

RRAA9239Scrummies! This is a UK brand that does vegan fruit snacks. These look fun, and it sounds like they would taste great. I like dried cranberries and raisins and if you throw some strawberry flavour in there what could go wrong?! Not eaten yet.

POTP2592_2The primal pantry, sounds like it should be beef jerky but I’m glad it’s not! 🙂 This looks good, fruit and nut bars so often have almonds in them and I’m not that big a fan of almonds, to close to marzipan which I hate! Not eaten yet.

My Muesli 2 Go. This is a muesli, and I’m sure you could eat it as is with a little plant milk, but it came with a serving suggestion, so I tried that. It said to grate 1/2 to 1 apple, add the muesli and two dl of plant milk put it in the fridge and wait over night. So that’s what I did. I’ll have it for breakfast tomorrow. No, I do not recommend the “leave it over night” thing, and I like over night oats, just eat it with your favorite plant milk as normal muesli and it will be great. Tasted.

LEQR4426Hoots, it does not actually say what this is on the packaging, (multigrain snack?) not that I could find anyway, but it was little multigrain bread croutons a bit shaped like chips. These I have tasted and they were really nice. A little strange flavour choice, but they tasted great. Crispy, a good amount of salt and flavour. I would get these again, and I would love to see if they have other flavours. Tasted.

IOEC0488I have heard great things about Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate from other vegans and I was so glad there was one in this box. Though it is 70% and I prefer a nice milk chocolate. I took a bite out of this really nicely chunky bar and the chocolate taste is fantastic, rich but nor bitter and with a great texture, it snaps as dark chocolate should. Really nice, I would love to try a milk chocolate one or one with some nuts or fruit in. They have lots of different flavours but sadly it seems that only the dark chocolate ones are vegan. Tasted.

OSAK8351More Chocolate, yay! Vivani, I have tried this brand before but that was a bar with 90% cacao and I think I baked with it instead of eating it straight of. This is 40% with rice milk, sounds good and I can’t wait to try it. This is a very nice chocolate, great milk to cacao ratio and a lovely melty texture. Great. Tasted.

Vegan Treats

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