My Favourite MoisturizerShort blog today, but, yay I got a new Lush moisturizer to try. I usually get Celestial which is gorgeous, simply gorgeous, with orchids and vanilla. But its a bit to greasy for me, at least in summer.

So I got a pot of Imperialis, that is supposed to be a bit lighter and smells lovely of lavender. I haven’t tried it yet but it definitely has a more runnier consistency than Celestial. I think the combination of these two will be perfect.

I also use the Eau Roma Water toner spray that I am totally addicted to and the Angels on Bare Skin that my face is totally addicted to.

And no, I’m not sponsored, I just love Lush and the fact that they are cruelty free, have lots of vegan products, donate to small projects trying to do good and that you can actually understand whats in your product.   ❤

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