Nääs Castle Interpreted, part 1

Nääs CastleNääs Castle (Nääs Slott) is a 17th-century mansion near Gothenburg in Sweden. It lies beautifully at the lake Sävelången close to my home, and incidentally also have several pokestops and a gym or two. 😉

Im not that great at taking pictures and my phone is not either, but there are several free and not that expensive apps to make your pictures great. Here is what I have done with my pictures from Nääs Castle.

First we have the original picture, which has captured the sky quite nicely but is way to dark and dull. I have used the Enlight app and several filters to change the second picture, and apparently also made the whole castle slant to the right, unintentionally, which actually gives the final picture more life and character.


The final picture, it has a whitish frame because the app Prisma only wants to deal with square photos and I did not want to chop of the ends of the castle. Here I have played around with all the different filters, that are of the painting/drawing/printing kind, strengths and found the one that I thought represented the castle and worked with the picture I had taken. I wanted the clouds to feel especially stormy and ominous for example.

A close up of the gorgeous “front door” and balcony. I have used the same process as the picture above, Enlight app to make it look more like I wanted, and this time I straightened the picture so the foreground is parallel to the viewer. I especially  liked the old lichen covered steps and the details of the bench on the right.


Here I have sort of gone all out and made a sort of gothic picture with Art Nouveau feeling. I love how the bench turned out and all the spots on the stairs. I used the same process as above, the Prisma app and just playing around with the filters until I got what I wanted, which in my eyes makes this a highly artistic procedure, my picture, my interpretation, no one else could have done it just like me.

I hope you liked this picture series, I sure had fun!!! There will be a second part with the pictures I took in the park around the castle. Don’t forget the giveaway!!! 

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