My Sheepie Neighbours

Sheep NeighboursMy nearest neighbours are of the sheepie persuasion.

When our house was built 20 years ago, a little run down torp = croft was demolished and a bigger part of the plot was dug out to make a smooth plateau for the new house and garden. So that leaves us with three planes to our property, the old highest one with really old trees and honeysuckle, the plateau with the house a little bit lower, a shed and a more structured lawn, and another old part even lower down that used to be pasture. The two first parts are fenced in so no dear or anything can come in, yay I can grow tulips, but mostly so that the previous owners dogs could not get out. 😉 That leaves a big piece of pasture that we are now loaning out to these lovely sheep.

Let me introduce you to the ewe Rut with her lambs Birgitta and Jenny, and Alice with her lamb Inez. They are lovely to have around, Rut is the most trusting one, she has known me the longest and Alice is a bit bossy, the lambs are a weary of me still but I’m winning them over with pieces of crisp bread. Birgitta and Jenny has the cutest pink noses and Inez is a bit round with a gorgeous brownish wool. I miss Saga though, the ewe that was here earlier this summer, she and I had an understanding. 😉

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