Giveaway closed!

Its Friday, I love Fridays. Obviously. Lets celebrate and have a giveaway shall we. 🙂

My favourite Friday activity is a cosy at home evening with my husband, having something yummy and preferably not good for you to eat, while watching a movie. We usually watch different movies but beside each other. 😀 When we lived in the city centre of Gothenburg,  Linnéstan, we would always go to the movies on Fridays. We lived so close we could walk there and back. Gorgeous walks through an alive city with the person I love, I think I remember the walks more than the movies.

To be able to win one sparkling hank of Friday Studios sock yarn called Apricot Orange and this midi project bag with colourful dots, comment below, on this post, what your favourite Friday activity is. I will randomly draw a winner on Monday! Good Luck!!

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30 thoughts on “Giveaway!!!”

  1. For a perfect Friday I want to est something tasty and relax with my knitting in front of a good movie or tv-series. That is a good ending of the work week and a perfect start of the weekend!

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  2. My favourite friday activity is sitting down in the couch after dinner, watching a movie together with my family, eating popcorn and knit.

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  3. Friday nights are the coming down time. Nothing like coming home from work, watching TV, knitting, and knowing that you don’t have to get up at any specific time the next day. It somehow makes the entire night better.

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  4. We usually spend our Friday evenings first relaxing with a glass of wine on the patio (in the summer) and then maybe watching a movie or just doing our own thing but always in the same room. I love my Friday evenings – you’ve got the whole weekend to look forward to!

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  5. We spend our Friday nights at home, usually watching TV. I always have a knitting project going. Your walks sound very relaxing and great!

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  6. I love to snuggle in the sofa with my children, watching a movie and knitting at the same time. Because we watch childres movies that does nor require much attention. ☺

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  7. Your Friday tradition sounds great! We love to get take out dinner to eat at home, and just relax, watch TV and knit (specifically, I knit, not my husband :D), and discuss what we want to do during the weekend. Friday is nice since you know you don’t HAVE to do things the next day :).

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  8. I think like you 🙂 spending time with a favourite person. Tea time with family is my favourite part of Friday, it is great to catch up with everyone and just spend quality time together.
    The colour of the yarn is lovely ❤ I'd love to win this cute giveaway.

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  9. Fridays are usually spent at home with my boyfriend – a couple of beers or cocktails, catching up on some TV or movies, and knitting of course! This Friday, will probably watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

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  10. My Favorite Friday activity is sitting on the deck at camp, knitting (of course) after dinner waiting to see the sunset, aaaahhhh 🙂

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  11. If Im early off from work, i love to go for a run. I love to go to my local cafe a for an early dinner and listen to the live music for after to ho home and knit.

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