Bathing suits

Bathing SuitDon’t get me started, or, let’s get me started!! Ok, I love water, I’m using the word LOVE here, If you bring me swimming you will see a huge grin grow on my face and when you, and everybody else, thinks its time to call it and is shivering under towels, I can not for the life of me understand what you are talking about and is happily splashing around trying to do a handstand on the bottom of the lake/sea/pool.

So, when I go bathing suit shopping, I don’t want one for sexy sunbathing, I hate direct sunlight, that would fall off important bits if I attempted a dive. And I don’t want a sporty one that resists chlorine and covers way to many important bits. I want a colourful, happy, bathing suit for my body type that is more cute than sexy and lets me get in contact with the water I love more than the sporty ones does. And no I don’t want one with a skirt attached, or bits cut off, and please could we skip the cup sizes! How about throwing in some pineapples or lobsters, that would be fun! Should this be so very hard, apparently so!!! My choices are “black bathing suit with slimming effect and ruffles to hide your tummy, because you have to be ashamed of that thing right” or “extremely skimpy bikini, made for lying very still, turning over to grill you back is ok, by a pool, with very fancy pattern in fun colors” . Needless to say, I’m a bit frustrated with the bathing suit shopping.

The thing is, it should be oodles of fun designing a bathing suit. You have lots of fabric on the front to play with colors and patterns, and then you have the back where you can go nuts making fancy strap contraptions! So where are these kinds of bathing suits. Yes I did find that mermaid one that I showed in a previous post, that thing was gorgeous and so much fun, and also in the states. I’m in Sweden I don’t want to order a suit, have it not fit, considering sending it back, which would probably cost more than the suit itself, that would hurt too much.

Now that I am done ranting, but not bathing suite shopping, have a collage of suits I for one reason or another can not have.



Oh, and this is the suit I currently have, which I love. But it’s getting a bit faded and damaged.

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3 thoughts on “Bathing suits”

    1. Well if I got to dream, take the yellow flowery one in the middle and make it into a bathing suit with a vintage fifties vibe, halter neck, low back and low legs. And it would fit me perfectly of course. 😉

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