Tudor Castle

MAVS9694Tjolöholms slott (castle) visit with bonus Jane Austen costume exhibition. This is a Tudor inspired castle built in the early 1900, heavily influenced by the arts and crafts movement.

I loved the tour of the castle, and to be able to picture the people, ladies wafting around in flowy dresses and men in handsome suits.  Those who come for the Jane Austen exhibition might be a bit disappointed, there is costumes from the films that BBC did in the nineties, my favourites, that actors such as Colin Firth, Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant and Judy Dench wore, including the “pond shirt”, but it’s mostly about the castle and its inhabitants.


There is also beautiful grounds to walk around in, a beach, and a lovely suitably overpriced gift shop, with “Morris” mugs that you have to bring back home. We had a wonderful time, and even though guided tours can be a bit hard for an aspie like me, it went surprisingly well, no panic attacks just exhaustion afterwords.

I really recommend  this outing if you want to se the castle, but its a bit steep to pay 150 kr for a few film costumes.

Tudor Castle

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